Parents Corner

Parents Corner

1. Parents and Guardians of students who have already signed admission forms, agreeing to observe the rules of the school should understand that they cannot dictate to the School authority on matters of policy, on condition of admission or continuance in school of any student.

2. Kindly ensure that your ward comes neatly and correctly dressed to school. The uniform should be clean and neat. The hair should be combed. Nails should be cut & clean. Shoes should be polished every day.

3. The School expects the parents/ guardians to ensure….
a) Their wards are regular & punctual in coming to school.
b) The children bring all books & note books needed to school everyday, which should be properly covered with brown paper only.
c) The children prepare their lessons and do their home work regularly.

4. Please inform the school if there is any change in your address or telephone number.

5. Kindly do not let children bring crackers, holi colours, radios, calculators, mobile phones, scissors, blades & knives etc. to school. Bursting of crackers & playing with holi colours in school premises is liable to lead to expulsion of a student from the school.

6. Parents are requested to drop & pick their children on time.

7. Parents are informed that their children may be sent home.
a) After three warnings for arriving late.
b) Not wearing correct uniform.
c) Not having a remark in the school diary signed by the parents, within the stipulated period.
d) Repeatedly forgetting to bring the necessary books to class.

8. While the management is always aware of safety precautions and takes them, it is still a fact that in the best run houses and in the safest places, things can go wrong ,it must be understood that parents/ guardians entrust their children /wards with the school staff at their own risk and the “Management will at no time be held liable in case of unavoidable or unexplainable accidents arising from malafide behavior of the students in its care.”

9. This applies not only to the school premises but also on the streets, picnic, camps, holidays, excursions etc.

10. If your ward is absent from school he/she must make up for all the work missed.

11. Parents are requested not to allow valuables to be brought to the school. The school will not be held responsible for loss of any personal property of the students.

12. Parents attention is drawn to the fact that criticism of a teacher of the school in the presence of the child causes the child to lose his or her respect for the teacher and will hinder his or her progress. The parents are requested to refrain from doing so.

13. Parents teacher meetings will be held once a month on a Saturday. They should be attended regularly.