Late Sardar Avtar Singh Sandhu on whose name the education trust (AET) has been formed has been, during his lifetime, supportive for the cause of education. A great visionary, he was always ahead of his times and believed in the equality of women and encouraged them to seek education and knowledge. During his career in the civil services in the Joint Punjab, he worked tirelessly for the social upliftment of the poor and the needy. As Director Social Welfare and also throughout his service, he never forgot to uplift the poor, especially the poor girl child in the field of education.

In the area of the erstwhile tehsil of Kharar, he was fondly known as ‘DC Baba’ and would promote the cause of education wherever he went. A descendent of the Kanhaiya Misl (the last misl to be amalgamated with Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s empire), he was a philanthropist at heart and spread goodwill and cheer. His humility and zest for life endeared him to all He authoured books on the military history of the Punjab, Which included books on the great warrior General Hari Singh Nalwa. His family’s contribution to the defence and civil services and to the field of education has been tremendous.

It is our humble endeavour to fulfill his dream of imparting good education to all, especially the rural populace.